Data Science Duniya

Group of Industry Experts providing Free “Job Consultation and Mock Interview Practices” for Data Science Enthusiasts. Along with that we also provide online trainings to the data science professionals as well as college students.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to fill the gap between data science aspirants and their dream job. We want to simplify your Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence journey.

Data Scientist, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Engineers are very much in demand. Most of us want to start our career as a Data Scientist. Even experienced professionals want to switch their domain into this field. There are a lot of resources available both offline as well as online. Options are training institutes, recorded lectures and articles. Yet there are not enough dedicated mediums for interview practices, guided mentorship and Job Specific Assessment Platform.

So we have come up with a platform which will help the aspiring data scientist to schedule Mock Interviews and one on one mentorship sessions with top industry experts.

Also, our AI enabled Online Assessment platform assess you for the particular job role and brings the customized set of interview preparation kit suited for that job role.

Ask Us About

  • Free Mock Interview Sessions.
  • Guided Mentorship.
  • Project Help
  • Interactive doubt clarifications on various model-building algorithms.
  • Industry know-how.
  • Resume building.
  • How to apply for jobs.
  • Why you are not getting interview calls?
  • If you are not from CS/IT stream, then how to start or switch career in DS, ML and AI?

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