Ashutosh Tripathi

Hello, my name is Ashutosh Tripathi, Lead Data Scientist by Profession. I live in Bangalore, India. I love connecting with different mind set people and discussing new ideas. I write and share technical content over the web. This helps me keep updated with the latest technologies and trend.

Here at DSD, I write about different cutting edge technologies mostly focused on Statistical Modelling, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Big Data Management. If you want to contribute, you are most welcome, just drop me a note mentioning your interest, and we will be connected.

Ask me about

  • Data Science Trainings and Resources
  • Mock Interview Sessions.
  • Guided Mentorship.
  • Project Help
  • Interactive doubt clarifications on various model-building algorithms.
  • Industry know-how.
  • Resume building.
  • How to apply for jobs.
  • Why you are not getting interview calls?
  • If you are not from CS/IT stream, then how to start or switch career in DS, ML and AI?

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