Online Course on Data Analytics, Visualization and Dashboard designing

In this course you will learn about the data analytics and visualization techniques using python libraries like matplotlib, plotly, seaborn and also will do hands on using tableau.

Course Duration: 15-20 Days depends on the students interaction during the class

Course Fee: 2000 INR

Medium: Online using gotomeeitng

Topics to be covered

Python Data Analysis

  • Loading data from different file format
  • Understanding variables and data types
  • Statistical measures
    • Central Tendencies
    • Variability and spread
  • Separating Numerical and Categorical variables
  • Understanding distributions of features
  • Outliers identification and treatment
  • Handling missing values
    • For Numerical Variables
    • For Categorical Variables


  • Introduction visualization libraries
  • Matplotlib
  • seaborn
  • plotly
  • squarify
  • Uni-variate Analysis
  • Bi-variate Analysis
  • Multi-variate analysis


  • Introduction to SQL
  • Basic Operations
    • Create
    • Insert
    • Update
    • Delete
    • Drop
    • Truncate
  • Where Clause
  • AND & OR Clauses
  • Group by and Aggregate functions
  • Sorting
  • Selecting Top N results and similar Clauses
  • order by
  • Having Clause
    • Natural
    • Inner & Outer
    • Left & Right
  • Union
  • Sub queries
  • Views
  • Functions in SQL
  • Advance Data Analysis using SQL


  • Sort, filter, slice, pivot, and graph using a Tableau Public, a free version of the market leading visualization tool
  • Create bar charts, pie charts, and line graphs
  • Combine multiple data sources using joins, blends, unions, and relationships
  • Create calculated fields with conditional logic.
  • Create a dynamic dashboards combining multiple worksheets.
  • Create forecasts with prediction intervals, accounting for seasonal variability
  • Create visualization dashboard

Dashboard designing using Python Flask

  • Flask Introduction and Machine Setup
  • Virtual environment creation
  • Installing flask
  • creating a simple website using flask
  • develop a dashboard containing multiple insights from the data set

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