My Name is Ashutosh Tripathi, a Software Developer By Profession, working for Infineon Technologies. I live in Bangalore, India. I am a very optimistic person. I think more but talk less.

I feel I was good at academics. I used to study a lot at home and next day in college my classmates used to discuss subjects and clarify their doubts. This was giving me lot of happiness and a motivation factor behind not to bunk the college.

In My job as a software developer, I learn many concepts with the help of google, colleagues, and by experience.

At some point I feel I keep on forgetting what I learned and will forget which I am learning.

To address this problem one day I was thinking why not to create an online platform where I can share my academic as well as technical knowledge.

That is how I created my website Knowledge Sharing | https://ashutoshtripathi.com where I write my technical stuff related to a software developer. Also when I get time, I go through my academic subjects and write posts on interesting topics.

That is all about me & blog.

Thank You For Reading!

Any suggestions/Ideas which you think are most welcome. You can write me a mail at ashutosh.optimistic@gmail.com or fill the below form and submit.

you can also connect with me on:






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