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Expense Analysis

What about creating a online platform to monitor the groceries and monthly household needs. Many people write their expenditure details in excel manually and then derive the analysis on their expenses. So idea is to create a platform which will link to the online stores like Big Basket, Grofers, Amazon, Flipkart etc and based on single sign on authentication it will automatically extract the expenditure details and do the analysis which can be customized based on individual need. It will eliminate the complete manual excel work and much more insightful.

Online Thief Market

A platform to collect the stolen things when the thief’s mind has changed and he regrets, as a result he want to return the things and leave a note kind of sorry message. he may or may not reveal his own identity. So this platform will provide him a way to regret his sins and at least will have some peace in his mind. Also there could be possibility that people may get their expensive things back. And these expensive things are not always in terms of money but could be in terms of memories or some relate items which are of no value for the thief.

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