What is Boosting in Machine Learning

Boosting helps to improve the accuracy of any given machine learning algorithm. It is algorithm independent so we can apply it with any learning algorithms. It is not used to reduce the model variance.
Boosting involves many sequential
iterations to strengthen the model accuracy, hence it becomes computationally costly.

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What is Logistic Regression?

Logistic regression is used for binary classification problem which has only two classes to predict. However with little extension and some human brain, it can easily be used for multi class classification problem. In this post I will be explaining about binary classification. I will also explain about the reason behind maximizing log likelihood function.

What is stepAIC in R?

In R, stepAIC is one of the most commonly used search method for feature selection. We try to keep on minimizing the stepAIC value to come up with the final set of features. “stepAIC” does not necessarily means to improve the model performance, however it is used to simplify the model without impacting much on the performance. So AIC quantifies the amount of information loss due to this simplification. AIC stands for Akaike Information Criteria.

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