Linear Regression Interview Questions and Answers

While working in regression analysis, you should be familiar with some very basic but very impactful concepts. In machine learning interviews, you can always expects questions from regression analysis. Regression analysis also develop the basic understanding of machine learning model building as we mostly start our machine learning journey from regression analysis only.

In this post I have covered some very important linear regression interview questions in the form of video. below is the full playlist and this list will continuously grow as we are adding questions on the regular basis. So you can also bookmark this page for your reference.

What is covariance
What is correlation
Linearity strength
R square
R square vs Adjusted R Square
AIC and BIC values
Best Fit Line in Regression
Assumptions of Linear Regression
Linear Regression and Outliers
Outlier Treatment in Regression
q-q plot in regression
L1 and L2 Regularization
Regularization Parameter
Robust Regrssion

This list will grow on regular basis. So you can bookmark this page. Also please subscribe to my YouTube channel where I create videos on machine learning and MLOps which is nothing but how to deploy and manage machine learning models in production efficiently and reliably.


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